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With over 40 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, Luxme International offers you high-quality material handling products and superior customer service.

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About Luxme

Luxme International Ltd. is a committed customer-oriented company which has extensive experience in solids handling systems. The company operates primarily in the agricultural, manufacturing, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, and food industries. We engineer and manufacture complete systems to meet individual customer needs. You will also find that we offer very competitive prices.

Prior to delivery we invite our clients to witness the purchased equipment in operation at our manufacturing facility. They are given the necessary training to achieve the maximum potential from our products.

Luxme International’s in-house research and development, along with our collaboration with companies world-wide, allow for us to maintain our competitive edge, by not only improving existing machines but also by developing new equipment.

Luxme offers customers the opportunity of testing their product in our tubular chain conveyors, automatic bag openers, and other ancillary equipment manufactured by Luxme. The test laboratory is equipped with different types of loop arrangements with variable chain speed capabilities for each equipment and offers a dust free environment complete with different types of brush assemblies and different types of valves operating in closed loops for lengthy re-circulation, so that the customer can watch the effects of their product being continuously conveyed for a period of many hours, while supplying only one or two drums of product. This provides a customer with an accurate method of determining conveying reliability and efficiency.

Our reputation is a testimony to Luxme products receiving international recognition and enjoying global success.


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