Tubular Chain Inline Mixer – (Luxmix®)

Our Rotary Inline Blender is a unique solution when it comes to mixing different materials in an homogeneous and gentle manner.

Product9-1 Tubular Chain Inline Mixer


The tubular chain inline mixer provides continuous mixing of product and comprises of a rotary drum, bearings, and a drive.

Special Features

  • Different products are discharged at the inlets, and metering screw feeders are used to transport the product via a tubular chain conveyor to a drum.
  • The drum is equipped with paddles to ensure the product is thoroughly mixed before it is slowly transported towards the exit end of the tubular conveyor.
  • The outlet is located at the end of the tubular conveyor.
  • The system is totally enclosed and dust-free.
  • Continuous mixing eliminates downtime for loading and unloading of product, thereby increasing productivity.

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