Clean in Place (CIP)

Luxme`s Clean in Place Washing System (CIP) is the most efficient way to maintain and decontaminate your Tubular Chain Conveyor System.
Our CIP is a Food-Grade system that highly decreases the chances of contamination by foreign materials and bacteria.

Options11c_eng Clean in Place (CIP) System


Luxme Tubular Chain Conveyors can be equipped with an optional Clean-In-Place (CIP) Washing System, in order to provide a fully washable system for food-grade and sanitary applications.

    The Conveying discs are FDA approved for food grade applications. The discs are moulded directly on a polished Stainless Steel Conveying Chain. Caustic solution and sanitizing liquid is pumped through the conveyor providing a thorough complete cleaning of the system.

    Luxme has installed a Clean-In-Place Test unit in an isolated room, to prevent contamination for testing purposes, to study the characteristics of the product conveyed and help determine the proper CIP cleaning requirement for the process cycle. Please view this CIP Document for more information.

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