Tubular Chain Conveyors

Tubular Chain Conveyors are the best way to transport materials in a gentle, safe, dust-free and efficient manner.
These systems are extremely durable easily adapting to the most challenging conditions.

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The Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor is a fully enclosed conveying system, comprising a tubular casing that houses circular discs attached to a chain which conveys the product (food or non-food). The system operation is totally dust-free.

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Tubular Chain Conveyor Merits

Luxme Link Chain Design acts as a universal joint during product transportation in the pipe which enables a single conveyor to achieve directional changes in multiple planes, including 90 degree turn. A unique feature of the Luxme Tubular Chain Conveyor is the Chain Tension Station, which continuously tensions the entire chain length in the product conveying path, while maintaining zero tension in the return path. This will help minimize wear and tear of the conveying discs, chain and pipe. The Tubular Chain Conveyor system includes many accessories such as Brush Assembly or Chain Knockers for cleaning of the chain, Drop Bottom or Slide Gate Valves for immediate discharge of the product, or a Turn Station which replaces 90° elbows to reduce wear and tear on the discs & chain. The Luxme Tubular Chain Conveyor is the best solution for material handling applications. Available in 4”, 6”, 8”, & 10” diameter. Available in Carbon Steel Construction, Stainless Steel Construction, and Clean-In-Place Systems for Food & Pharmaceutical Applications Please view the following Tubular Chain Conveyor documents: If you require a quotation or more information on the Tubular Chain Conveyor, please find enclosed a specification sheet, which we kindly ask you to fill out with your application details and return it to us. Luxme Tubular Chain Conveyors are manufactured in Montreal, Canada at our production facility. Luxme has established a worldwide reputation for our equipment’s reliability and performance in handling a wide variety of materials. Visit our Montreal manufacturing facility to see the equipment in operation in our showroom and test facilities. Please visit our dedicated site for more information.

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