Test Facilities

Luxme’s Test facility offers you the opportunity to test your products in one or more of our tubular chain conveyors.

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Before purchasing our equipment, you can see it in action. For a minimal fee, Luxme will test your product in your presence and video record the test for your records. To schedule a product test, click here.


  • Test Before Buying
  • A Variety of Test Arrangement
  • Try Different Luxme Products

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Testing Options

  • Conveying product in tubular chain conveyors using different loops in closed circuit.

  • Product discharge via slide valve, drop bottom valve and drive assembly.

  • Chain and disc cleaning by drive assembly brush station and inline brush station.

  • Product heating or cooling in Luxme tubular chain conveyors.

  • Wear tests on different types of conveyor discs establishing the disc life expectancy.

  • Mass flow measurements using impact flow measuring units.

  • Checking the effect of pneumatic and motorized chain knock-out for sticky products.

  • Checking the possibilities of product build-up inside pipe with customer supplied product.

  • Clean in Place (CIP) washing system and Clean-Trace ATP Swab testing.

  • Manual dump station and other Luxme’s parts and accessories.

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