Vertical Bag Elevator

It facilitates the transport of bags or boxes from one floor to another.

prod-3-2 Vertical Bag Elevator


The vertical bag elevator conveys and elevates boxes, bags, drums, crates, cartons and pallets or heavy components vertically up to a rate of 10 platforms per minute.

The heart of the system relies on the use of specially designed interlocking mechanisms which are allowed to flex in one direction but automatically lock to form a firm support, lifting platform in the other.

The continuous chain arrangement brings the platforms into position and at the same time creates the lifting action. An added feature of the bag elevator is that the machine can be used in reverse to lower loads from upper floors down to the ground level.

The unit is fully enclosed and can be used safely in dust controlled environments. The fully automatic system uses solid state logic controls to vary the feed rate.

The modular construction of the vertical bag elevator enables it to be tailored to your specific requirements.

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