Tubular Chain Cooler Conveyor

Tubular Chain Cooler Conveyors are the best way to cool down your product as it moves through your system.

Product17-1 Tubular Chain Cooler Conveyor


The cooling conveyors are designed so that cooling and conveying can be carried out by a single unit, providing a completely dust free environment.

Special Features:

  • Designed to cool product from as high as 1000°F to 100°F using water.
  • Simultaneously conveys product.
  • Water jacketed tubes.
  • Variable speed drives to increase or vary heat transfer.
  • The conveyor uses different types of discs in order to mix, and increases the heat transfer by removing the pipe coating.
  • For each application, tests are carried out in order to determine the heat transfer coefficient.
  • The conveyors are controlled by water management system using PLC.

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